Logo, Branding Guidelines & Brochure

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A-Line, a Liteline brand, launched a new architectural product that is the most luxurious yet! With that being said, I was tasked with creating a full launch for the product including a logo, branding, print materials, a sales case and much more. The branding was then passed to other team members to follow so they could design the packaging, website and other sales tools that I assisted in art directing.
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The concept behind the brand is to inspire and subtly show the features, not scream out product details. This was achieved through minimalistic images of the product being paired with larger abstract images that have feelings to the applications this light would be installed in. There are images of women who look elegant and classy. This is the type of person that will be in the space where this light is. Overall HELIOS is a feeling. It is inspiring customized ambiance lighting.

Branding guideline sample

HELIOS Product brochure sample